XRP – Ripple

    XRP is a digital asset created by the company Ripple used to help banks and payment processors send cross border payments. Note that there’s the a distinct difference between Ripple and XRP, although many use the two interchangeably. To learn more about XRP and Ripple, check out the resources below!

    Beginners Guide to Ripple & XRP

    XRP is a decentralized cryptocurrency created by the company Ripple used to source liquidity on demand for financial institutions and banks that need to send cross-border payments.

    How to buy Ripple (XRP)

    I'm going to show you how to buy XRP with a method which I call the Coinbase Binance dance. This method involves using Coinbase to purchasing ethereum then sending that to Binance where we can then purchase XRP.

    Best XRP Wallets. How to store XRP

    Here are some of the best XRP wallets. If you have security as your #1 priority, I recommend the hardware wallet Ledger Nano S. If you prefer convenience, I recommend the free desktop wallet Exodus. For users who are looking for a mobile wallet, I recommend Toast Wallet.