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I first heard about bitcoin back when I was in high school. I didn’t really understand what it was or how it worked, so I brushed it off as some sort of fad that would soon fade away from existence like most fads do. I kept hearing the term bitcoin pop up, but what really captured my attention was in early November, 2017 when I kept seeing a bunch of ads and internet marketers trying to sell courses surrounding cryptocurrency.

when I got into bitcoin

I was intrigued, and one thing I’ve learned from my experience in internet marking, is if you see a bunch of people trying to sell the same thing or idea, it doesn’t necessarily mean to buy into what they’re saying, but to pay attention. Seeing multiple individuals hop onto a bandwagon, to me, is an indicator that there could potentially be something of value there.

So I ventured into the rabbit hole and began to do my own research. I stumbled across a man named Andreas Antonopoulos and began to Andreas Antonopoulosconsume all of his lectures on YouTube. I started to follow all the cryptocurrency related subreddits on Reddit such as /r/Cryptocurrency, /r/Bitcoin, and /r/Btc. I started listening to Laura Shins podcast Unchained. The first thing I’d do when I woke up in the morning was hop on the internet and consume more cryptocurrency related content.

A week went by and it felt like I was just scratching the surface of blockchain technology. I never really realized how much depth there was to the subject, let alone that there were other cryptocurrencies besides bitcoin. There was an abundance of information and it took about a month of research before I really started to fit the pieces together.

Fast forward a couple months and I started MrCryptoDude. As I was learning about cryptocurrency I wanted to share my thoughts and findings with others. Wring about such topics helps me to solidify the information into my mind and creating this website helps me to stick to a continuous process of learning about crypto, an industry which seems to be moving at the speed of light!

Financial Disclaimer

Let me be clear, I am NOT a financial adviser and the information presented on this blog is in no way shape or form advise as to how you should invest your money. Consult a licensed financial adviser for that matter. All research and information within this blog consists of my own thoughts and opinions.

You may be familiar with the acronym DYOR which stands for do your own research. While I hope the information I provide on this website will aid you in your quest for the truth, I encourage you to fact check and criticize my work as well to question everything. The phrase DYOR can never be understated — especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

All in all, I hope you guys enjoy my blog. I’ve put a lot of work into this website and I’m excited to see where this goes and how it evolves over time.

Thanks for reading!